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In 2020, there was a huge shift in how people dated and hooked up. The social media platforms became places where people looked for not only love but to spend their time in reaching out to friends and relatives. However, it’s easy to fall in the hands of romance scammers who are there to swindle out your money and play with your emotions.



If your child has greying hair? Is it a problem? One or two strands may be considered as normal, but when the head continues to turn grey, then there is need to find out what is happening to your child.



Rings are a form of jewelry that women love to accessorize and match with their dressing. Men too are trying out this style. However, did you know that rings are not only worn to show off beauty, but can make a statement about your personality?

I will explain to you what each ring means on your different fingers, and the assumptions they create based on history, culture and beliefs. Next time you wear a ring on your fingers, you will understand what it says about you and your lifestyle.