Chapter 1/ The New People in Town

Chapter 1/ The New People in Town

We had been on the road for 10 hours only stopping ones at the gas station to use the washroom, stretch a bit and have some snacks for the journey.

My mum had estimated the journey to take at least seven hours, but I guess because we were new on this part of the country, we kept getting lost. Even google map had stopped working.

I checked my watch a hundredth time, drumming my fingers on my laps. I was restless, hungry and tired. I wondered how my mum was doing considering she had been on the wheels for long. I took a peek at her and saw her rubbing her eyes with one hand while the other was on the steering wheel.

Suddenly, she took a left turn and we were on a road that was in a middle of a forest. I arched my eye brow in question and her voice rang amidst the car engine. “We’re almost there.” She said.

Soon we entered a small town that had few houses and shops. Though the place looked modern I felt like the people staying in this town were few. People turned around looking at use with curiosity. Yap, we were the new people in town.

You may be wondering who I am. My name is Isabella Benaiah, 18 years of age, but my friends call me Bella. My mum and I are moving to this place because we needed a fresh start. Six months ago, my dad had been murdered in cold blood in his science lab. The police had been investigating since then but there have been no clues to finding the perpetrators.

My mum has been depressed since then and very sad. I was always worried about her, and I suggested that we move to another place to start afresh. Now after my final exams from highschool, my mum got a job opening as a nurse in a small town. Seeing her happy again was top on my priority list and when I saw her excitement I was sure we were making the right decision.

“We are here,” my mum pulled me out of my thoughts. She had packed in front of a two bedroom house that was cream in colour. That was the house I remembered seeing together with her contract details. The town was providing everything, so we only came with our clothes.

We stepped out of the car and I assisted my mum to carry the suitcases to the door. She quickly opened the door to the house and we went in. The house was fully furnished with a huge sitting room that had an open kitchen with white tiles. I quickly moved to open the windows as I took a look around.

“Not bad at all.” I voiced my opinion while my mother agreed with a shake of her head. From the layout, I had known that my room was on the right. ” Why don’t you go to your room and freshen up then we can meet here after an hour for dinner?” My mum asked. I simply nodded and pulled my heavy suitcase to my room. As I closed the door I heard my mum talking on her phone acknowledging our arrival.

The room was cream in colour. Thank God. I thought they would have painted pink. There was a small closet and a mirror on the right and a door to the bathroom right ahead. Although the bathroom had no bathtub, but it had a shower. I could always use my mums bathroom if I needed to sock myself in the tub.

I yawned and removed my phone from my pocket. My friend Sarah had sent a message asking if we had arrived an hour ago. I sent her a reply and put the phone on charger, deciding to freshen up and find some food.

An hour later, I walked into the kitchen and saw my mum cooking some chicken with noodles. My stomach loudly growled from the aroma and my mum chuckled.

” Hungry?” “Very.” I answered with a sigh and she served me. We ate quietly until my mum talked of school. I really didn’t like this but apparently I had to attend this school before going to any collage around here. That was the rule.

“You know you have to start school tomorrow Bella, be ready by 8:00 am.” I only nodded while I took my empty plate to wash in the sink and bid her goodnight. As darkness took over me, I wondered what tomorrow would be like as the new person in town.

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