Rongai pimped vehicles are also a menace

They are flashy, colorful with graphics art, fast with loud music maybe to attract passengers. Yes, they are the best to ride with to Rongai town. Despite the traffic jam, you will reach there before you know it and feel the worth of your money. The overlapping and careless driving of the vehicles has gradually reduced, though a few are still doing so.

Apart from all that, there is a trend with conductors increasing fare just because there are many people at the bus stations. This habit has not changed just because people do not complain about it. Leave alone the loud music. In the past few weeks, the drivers have had the tendency of not reaching the final destination and leaving passengers stranded kilometers away from the bus station. All in the name of going back to Nairobi in search of more passengers of course with the increased fare. That is very annoying because you have to walk or rather take another matatu.

Now addressing the issue of the road, Magadi road is so narrow creating massive traffic. The road needs expansion. The national government can address the issue and set aside funds to assist with the expansion. Apart from that, the county government constructs the “gataka ” road that passes through Karen and eases the traffic to Rongai Town. That is the only long term solution I think can help.

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