Social Media Engagement

Creating presence on social media platforms. 

Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, instagram, website, youtube and blogs.

  • Social media marketing to enhance visibility, followers and retweets. Deliberate effort to generate ‘followers,’ ‘likes’ and ‘readers’.
  • Use more photo tweets and #hashtags to develop on key messaging.
  • Prepare tweets in advance, use banners, infographics, factographics, press releases, statements, key messages, facts and figures, links to articles and stories, OpEds, media advisory, useful links, including links to videos and photos, among others. 

Event Planning

Exhibitions, Events, Engagements, Campaigns, Awards and Competitions, Calendar of events.

  • Create a calendar of events and update it regularly for purposes of planning
  • showcase promotional materials and display products during exhibitions.
  • Organize campaigns and competitions for marketing purposes
  • Participate in press conferences, moderation and planning events.

Content Writing/ Publications


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  • Articles and blogs in any topic
  • Creating Newsletters using Adobe In-Design CS6 software or Mail Chimp
  • Creating content for books, magazines and novels
  • Branding, by creating brochures, fliers, banners  and other information, education, communication (IEC) materials
  • Other publications include; press releases, media advisories, reports, letter heads and business cards

Communication and Media training

Training is based on needs connected to work plan

  • Train employees on how to conduct and promote the organization
  • Resource mobilisation
  • Beneficiary communication and pilot projects to communities