Should you be worried when your child’s hair turns grey/white?

Should you be worried when your child’s hair turns grey/white?

Grey hair comes with age and is considered to show a person’s sense of wisdom and knowledge.  But what if your child has greying hair? Is it a problem? One or two strands may be considered as normal, but when the head continues to turn grey, then there is need to find out what is happening to your child.

Some African societies, believe that grey hair in children is a sign of the child being wealthy in future. But this has not been proven yet. There are a few causes of premature greying of hair in children. The most common is genetics. If the parents or grandparents had similar issue when they were young, then the child is at higher risk of having grey hair.

Medically, it may be symptom of several disorders, like vitiligo and piebaldism. Melanin is the colour pigmentation of the skin and hair. Luck of melanin results to vitiligo. The children may also loss their hearing or get seizures when they lose their hair colour.

Deficiency of vitamin B12 may result to premature greying of hair in children. Parents should ensure that their children are fed with foods rich in vitamin B12. This include; Animal liver and kidney, beef, fish, fortified cereals, dairy products and many more. Children suffering from anemia may also have grey hair.

Stress can also cause children’s hair to turn grey. Their mental health may be affected cause of environmental factors. Other causes of grey hair in children may be the use of chemicals or synthetic soaps and shampoos on their hair, exposure to smoke and eating unhealthy foods.

The treatment of premature greying of hair in children is to ensure they are eating healthy food, probably a balanced diet rich in vitamin B12. If the greying of hair is caused by other factors such as anemia, get the syndromes treated.

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