What Ring on Your Different Fingers Say About You

What Ring on Your Different Fingers Say About You

Rings are a form of jewelry that women love to accessorize and match with their dressing.  Men too are trying out this style. However, did you know that rings are not only worn to show off beauty, but can make a statement about your personality?   Get the Best Engagement Ring Here

I will explain to you what each ring means on your different fingers, and the assumptions they create based on history, culture and beliefs. Next time you wear a ring on your fingers, you will understand what it says about you and your lifestyle.

Let us start with the right thumb. A ring on your right thump reveals that a woman is a tomboy, is pretty stubborn and has a temper. If a man wears the ring, he wants to show off his manliness and strength. According to Chinese philosophy, a ring on the left thump shows flexibility and willingness to adapt to other people. The right index finger ring symbolizes marriage in some cultures. But some people believe that a ring on this finger shows thirst for power. Others connect a ring on this finger as a show of obedience and readiness to accept advice from other people, which Chinese philosophy backs up.

A ring on the right middle finger can be interpreted however you want, giving you the freedom to envision any symbolism on this ring. It may also represent balance and ability to analyze situations and make your own choices. In some countries such as Norway, Russia, Greece and Cuba place wedding rings on the right ring finger.  Having a ring on this finger may also mean that you are divorced or you lost your spouse. A ring on you right pinky finger shows your professional status. Such rings are made of stainless steel or iron.

Wearing a ring on your left thumb finger, you are seen as a confident and fashionable person. Chinese people believe a ring on the left thumb is associated with assertiveness.  An important ring should be worn on the left index finger where it is eye catching. If family is important you can wear your family ring on this finger. A ring on the left middle finger doesn’t have a meaning but symbolizes beauty.

In many countries a ring on the left ring finger is a wedding or engagement ring. Long ago people believed that the blood to the heart runs through the veins in the left ring finger, which is why rings showing commitment such as wedding and commitment rings were worn on this finger. Lastly is the left pinky finger. Traditionally, if a man wore two rings on this finger, it showed that he is married. However today a ring on this finger is just an accessory.

Which fingers do you wear your rings on? You may want to evaluate because it may say much about your personality. However, it’s your own choice.

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